East Coast Adventure (Pt. II)


On our second day in Philadelphia, we decided to visit the ever-mysterious Eastern State Penitentiary.  Now, this is not an ordinary prison; Unlike most prisons,  Eastern State Penitentiary is located smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood, surrounded by fortress-like walls that go up 30 feet high.  Eastern State is considered to many as America’s first true penitentiary, and has been home to many famous criminals such as Al Capone.


Pictured above is what a typical hallway looked like throughout its massive cell-block structure.  An interesting tidbit – at the end of this hallway is the main corridor, a circular room, in which a guard could stand at its center and see down any of the 9 hallways of the prison.


A typical cell at the beginning of ESP’s existence completely isolated the prisoners from what went on in the hallways of the prison.  Inside the rooms were the typical bed, sink, and toilet.  Certain rooms contained a skylight, which was seen as torture to many inmates, as it would offer hope to those who would never see the outside of the walls ever again.  Many inmates were lucky enough to have an “activity” area through a door at the back of their cell, which would lead to a very small enclosed area outdoors.  During their time at ESP, many inmates never saw another inmate and had little to no human contact.


This hallway was very spooky to us, but we learned an interesting tidbit about why that red cross existed in the middle of the gate.  This is where inmates from this hallway would come to seek medical attention.  There were many inmates who had their teeth pulled at this gate, in which the dentist performed it through the cross in the gate.

Our time at Eastern State Penitentiary was very fulfilling and offered us insight into the beginning of our American prison system.  We learned so much about famous inmates, and also about what life is like behind bars.  Eastern State is such a creepy and mysterious place, but we highly recommend it as a stop if you’re ever in Philadelphia!

Minneapolis Millers cap by Wilson & Willy’s // Wool Chore Jacket by Apolis // Flannel by Gant Rugger // Windowpane jacket, grey sweater, and brown boots by Primp Boutique

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Northern Urbanity

East Coast Adventure (Pt. I)


For our first “vacation” together that required a plane ticket, we decided last-minute to hop on a plane and head to the East Coast to visit the City of Brotherly Love.  From the moment of touch-down on the runway, we were immediately immersed into the East-Coast culture and the love that Philadelphians share for their sports (especially the Eagles!).  After a traveling all morning, we found ourselves starving, and only one thing could satisfy our hunger – an authentic Philly Cheesesteak.


After enjoying our first taste of authentic Philly cuisine at Jim’s Steaks, we headed over to Independence National Historic Park to visit where our the Founding Fathers of our great Nation came together to sign the Declaration of Independence.


Independence Hall was truly a spectacular sight from the outside, even more-so on the inside.  Visiting Independence Hall brought us both back to the times during 4th grade Social Studies class learning about the Liberty Bell, the Founding Fathers, and The Declaration of Independence.  We truly immersed ourselves in the historic culture of Philadelphia and enjoyed re-learning about the roots of our country.


Like I had mentioned earlier,  Independence Hall was truly a sight to behold from the outside, and inside.  It offered great backdrop for some photography-worthy moments like the photo above.  Independence Hall also offered us the opportunity to experience in real-life what we both have learned so much about in through our years of education.

Windowpane jacket, grey sweater, jeans, and shoes by Primp Boutique

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Northern Urbanity

Falling for Fall


Fall is by far and away our favorite time of the year!  The colors of the falling leaves, the crisp and cool air, warm sweaters, pumpkins, and of course, bonfires!  Fall is also a sign that one of our favorite holidays is right around the corner – Halloween!  Minnie also loves Fall in Minnesota because we always take her on long walks through the various parks and lookout spots in Duluth (Seven Bridges and Hawk Pointe are our favorite!).


Another reason we love Fall is because of the opportunity to start layering on outerwear, warm sweaters, and adding fun accessories.  Primp Boutique is one of my favorite places to shop, and offers many great Fall transitional pieces in great tonal colors.  Dan always likes to layer with one of his various J.Crew sweaters, Levi’s jackets, or his favorite Filson coat.  I  always opt for a sweater (or poncho!) and boots, and never miss an opportunity to wear a floppy neutral-colored hat.


Although Fall is a sign to others of another cold winter ahead and the crazy holiday season of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas shopping, we see it as a time of relaxation and an opportunity to get out an explore all the lovely colors of the season.

If we had to sum up why we love living in Minnesota into one word, that word would be “Autumn.”


Maroon sweater, brown boots, and poncho by Primp Boutique // Hat by Chapel Hats // Grey sweater by J.Crew // Corduroy Trucker Jacket by Levi’s // Coffee Mugs by Deneen Pottery


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Bayfront Balloon Festival


Every fall for the past three years, Duluth hosts the Bayfront Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It is a great opportunity for families to get outside and enjoy the beautiful crisp Fall air here in Duluth, while enjoying all the various food vendors, the Craft Beer Village, and of course, the colorful hot air balloons!  This year, the Hot Air Balloon Festival happened to fall on a weekend that we celebrated Dan’s birthday, and were fortunate enough to celebrate the weekend with great friends who traveled up from the Twin Cities area.


It turned out to be a perfect fall day and plenty of fun was had.  We enjoyed plenty of beer and spirits from local brewing and distillery companies such as Vikre Distillery, Bent Paddle Brewing Company,  and Castle Danger Brewery.  A local helicopter company was offering rides to groups of people, and we were about to pay up to all go on a ride, until we looked over and saw dozens of flying kites high up in the air at Bayfront Park.  We decided to venture over and channel our inner ten-year old selves by trying to fly our own kites.


It almost seemed like the theme of this year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival was “Get Adults Drunk and Fly Kites” because the combination of craft beer and flying kites was the perfect way to spend a Saturday.



A Northern Wisconsin Adventure


Typically, we are all about exploring Minnesota and the North Shore, until we heard about Amnion Falls State Park.  Located just a half hour from Superior, Wisconsin, Amnicon Falls State Park puts you in a state of mind that reminds you of the deep forest in Northern Minnesota.  We had a few locations scouted out at Amnicon that we wanted to check out, but otherwise we just hiked around and enjoyed getting lost in adventure.


Down river from the main falls, and deep into the park we found this mini waterfall surrounded by two stone arches.  Our most favorite part of this adventure was this spot and how difficult it was to hike to (it was very muddy!).


It was the perfect spot to stop and take a rest to enjoy the solitude that the park offered.  This was also the first adventure that Dan got the opportunity to wear his new Wool Chore Coat from Apolis.  It offered the perfect amount of warmth and layering versatility for Fall weather in Minnesota/Wisconsin.



I almost forgot to mention that our favorite adventure buddy joined us on this short road trip!  Minnie absolutely loved the openness of the park and the isolation from other park visitors allowed us to let her off her leash and explore a little bit.


As mentioned earlier, there were a few spots we had in mind when visiting Amnicon, with the bridge in the picture above being one of them.  We had seen quite a few pictures on Instagram featuring this bridge, and we just had to find it when we got to Amnicon State Park.  The bridge didn’t only offer a great photo opportunity, it also was a great spot to look over the park and the main waterfalls.


With Amnicon Falls State Park being only a 30 minute drive from Duluth, we will definitely be visiting there again in the Spring time.  The colors of Fall and the crisp Wisconsin air let us see one side of the beauty that Amnicon offers, but we can only imagine how beautiful the greenery is come Spring and we can’t wait to go back again!


As always, thank you for reading!


Northern Urbanity


White 5-panel hat by Snake Oil Provisions // Little America Backpack by Herschel Supply Co // 8890 Boots by Red Wing Heritage

A Day Shopping the North Loop


A place to go for some of the greatest shopping in Minneapolis is no doubt the North Loop.  Featuring stores such as Askov Finlayson, Martinpatrick3, The Foundry Homegoods, Shinola, and Filson, it is a no brainer why we love shopping there!  Even though most of the stores feature menswear clothing, there are a few places with something for the ladies!

The first place we stopped at was Askov Finlayson.  Askov underwent some big changes since the last time we had been there, and the move into their new space turned out fantastic!  They always feature great menswear clothing from Gant Rugger, Apolis, Penfield, and Barbour, while also featuring items from their quickly-expanding own brand.  The newly renovated Askov Finlayson in their new space had us leaving the store with some serious design envy.


Next up, we had to give Dan a break from shopping to stop somewhere that I wanted to go.  The Foundry Home Goods is a cute little store in the North Loop that features many home decor items that are sure to be conversation pieces.  They are a small store, but they support a non-disposable lifestyle that encourages a life-long relationship with fewer and better things.


To end our shopping trip, we had to head to Wilson & Willy’s to catch up with our friend Anna, while also checking out all their new Fall arrivals in-store.  For those of you that have never been to Wilson & Willy’s, it is a store that is focused around showcasing local brands and manufacturers, which is something we are definitely all about!


Supporting local shops and American made products is something that we pride ourselves on, and who doesn’t want garments and products that made made to last a lifetime and only get better with age?


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Next time you’re in the North Loop be sure to check out some of these great places (if you haven’t already)!



Living on the Edge at Palisade Head



When venturing up the North Shore, a must-stop destination for us is Palisade Head. We usually don’t need a reason to take a drive up the North Shore, but today we wanted to do a photoshoot for our newest collaboration with Birchaus Market.




The anticipation begins once we enter the park. The narrow and windy paved road makes us hold our breath every time. Once we get to the top of what feels like a mountain, the trees suddenly open up and the sight of Lake Superior takes our breathe away. We instantly begin exploring the cliffs. With sweaty palms, I cling to every small tree or bush I can reach… heights aren’t my favorite.


This was a big step for me, still about 10ft from the edge, but I made sure Callie held my hand. She wouldn’t want me to go overboard since the snacks and car keys were in my Herschel backpack. Well played on my end…. very well played….

Callie on the other hand is trying to prove to me how fearless she is by leaping from cliff to cliff and hanging over the 50ft edge, all while looking back at me sheepishly giggling at my 3 inch shuffles 15ft from any real danger.




We may venture to the same parks often, but the beauty God created in Northern Minnesota makes our heart skip a beat every time (and so does Betty’s Pies).



Hooray MN Tee by Birchaus Market // Hand Clutch by Leatherworks MN // Runwell and Birdy watches by Shinola // Duluth Skyscape Hoodie by Birchaus Market